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Until We Forget is an autobiographical dance theater piece composed of bedtime stories and romantic tangents, including a poignant story about my great-grandfather, Sylvester Dobrowolski. In this illustration of memory, love, and loss, we play with the relationship between language, imagination, and movement. In the research that fed this project, I considered the presence of my family's past, how memories solidify and transform in their retellings, the power of story, and the here and now.

Presented at An Impractical Idea: MFA Thesis Concert

Theater 14, Smith College, February 8-10, 2024

Performed by Samantha Grossman, Dahlia Riddington, May Saito, Erica Schwartz, Madelyn Sher, and Sasha Toole

Sound: For All Its Fury: VI. Hush by Devonté Hynes, Third Coast Percussion; Intro - ReBirth, Alive - ReBirth by Javier Santiago, La Isla by Jaguar, Summer Samba (So Nice) by Marcos Valle played by Dahlia Riddington, sung by Georgia Heers; Interview with Sandy O'Toole

Lighting Design: Kathy Couch

Costume Design: Emily Justice Dunn

Set Design: Celadry Humphries, Amy Putnam

Sound Design: Madelyn Sher

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