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No Signal

Choreography + Performance: Madelyn Sher

Sound: “there’s no karma in 5d”, “distractions for geovias tobias”, “i picked up a frog (and it peed on me)” by Anna Wise + Jon Bap, “Let it Happen” by Jon Bap

Poem: Collected words from John Cage, Andrea Olsen, and Yokio Mishima

Costuming: Madelyn Sher

Presented at "Spring Grad Event"on May 4th, 2023

Scott Gym Studio Theater at Smith College

The development of this piece coincided with my reading of David Abram's text, The Spell of the Sensuous. As I dove deeper into the concept of phenomenology, I imagined my life without thought in the shape of words. How would this affect my perception of the life-world around me? I tried "no words" on as a movement score and this sparked the gestural language of the piece. Created during my first year of graduate school.


Photos by Anna Siegel

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