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This live, immersive dance performance explores the many incarnations of the title, “daughter”, and how this fluid yet ultimately fixed category shows up in moving, living bodies. Inspired by the chemical definition of “daughter” - that is, the product of an element’s radioactive decay - we will examine growth and decline, celebration and mourning, and conformity and rejection. As long time friends, Stephanie and I are also, quite simply, happy to be dancing together.

Choreographed by Madelyn Sher

Performed by Madelyn Sher and Stephanie Queiroz

Presented at SHE Creates, a one-night-only event produced by Working Titles and curated by Lizzy Jarrett, The Baumann, Brooklyn, NY (2018)

Music by Chico O'Farrill, Flying Lotus, and João Gilberto.

From SHE Creates
From SHE Creates
From SHE Creates
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